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AeroStrategies, Inc. is a global aviation consultancy with experienced professionals, providing strategic services to clients of all sizes for measurable growth.

What We Do

Technical Consultancy / Technical Field Support

We have a pool of highly experienced and skilled personnel that is competent in handling technical consultancy projects.

Aircraft Parking Services

AeroStrategies, Inc. has a 10-hectare available parking space in Clark International Airport, Pampanga, located in the Philippines that can accommodate up to 20 narrow-body aircraft, or 10 wide-body aircraft, with preferential parking terms upon customer’s request.

Engineering and Fleet Management / Continuing Airworthiness

AeroStrategies, Inc.’s FTM/Continuing Airworthiness services are crucial to ensure the survival of affected organizations—the aviation industry has drastically changed with the onset of the new normal due to unforeseen events in our current global society. The aviation industry is currently facing its most trying times. There are many major areas we support that direct to operational success, survivability, and right decisions.

Traditional and standardized formulas for running the aviation industry are no longer adequate in this dynamic environment; we at AeroStrategies, Inc. will provide you with custom-made solutions focused on your business model, priorities, competitiveness, market demands, and challenges.

Our Core Services


Lease/Ownership Management (Aircraft Transition)

We have a pool of highly experienced technical consultants who can support your project whether it may be on the physical inspection or aircraft records. We offer Aircraft Transitions focusing on Lease Transitions, Pre-Buy, Mid Term Audits.


Maintenance Layover Management

Maintenance layover management at AeroStrategies is focused on efficient planning, developing a system of procedures, flow processes, and protocols, and increased accountability on work progress.


Digital Aircraft Records Management

Our dedicated team is prepared in securing aircraft records from record-keeping, scanning, and electronic document management to guarantee that the aircraft records are being handled per regulatory standards.


CAMO/Engineering Services

It is crucial to comply with the standard that are needed to ensure that an aircraft is kept in a condition where it remains airworthy. We at AeroStrategies makes sure that we give high-end and critical compliance with the standards for our customer’s aircraft.


Technical Core Management

Our Technical Core Management is a customizable program tailored to your company’s needs.
We support:

  • Engine Removal Forecast and Shop Visit Plan
  • Technical Assistance
  • Spare Engine Management and Sourcing
  • Shop Visit Management
  • Engine Management Programme
  • Engine Health Monitoring (EHM)
  • Financial Analysis

10 years +

Delivering excellence

500 +

Project managements handled all over the globe

20,000 +

Man hours in supporting various leasing companies, airlines, MRO’s and other aviation companies

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